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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
2:33 am
Sor, in her infinite wisdom (to quote Gabe and Hyde) decided that we are her WriMo project --a month of us talking at each other and scrawling comments down, all in an easy to read format --this community.

Which is actually a pretty cool idea, although she's not actually doing any sort of wordcounting yet. We'll see if she gets there later. Or if she, y'know, works on her actual novels any. I'm actually kinda impressed --two days in, and she's already epically failed at her novel.

Anyways. I'm Mallory Alis, or Al. I'm pretty much the only female in here (Sor doesn't count) and as a result, I could, technically, be considered a slut. It's nice to meet all of you though.

All of who? Damned if I know.

I am ocassionally meant to be a direct counterpart to Gabriel, but the addition of Hyde to the denizens has off balanced that somewhat. Speaking of whom, I don't particularily feel like having his nether regions shoved in my mouth right now, so I suppose this game of Truth or Dare has ended rather quickly.

Erm. Anyways.

Kat seems weird these days. She's been a little bit melencholy the past few days (well, ever since she had that talk with Cec, but that is neither here nor there.) but that's generally not a bad thing. It just means I need to watch her, and make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

Anyways. The Lounge is not hugely conducive to having adventures, so I've no idea what I'm going to talk about for the next solid month. I tend to focus mostly on gossiping about my host --terrible form, I know.


2:04 am
Miss Cyress, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to turn us into a sort of game. She hands us each a laptop, signs us into journals by turn, and tells us to talk, to celebrate, to boost her wordcount.

And so Gabriel launches us into truth or dare.

If my life has been more hellish, I do not recall when. Moments have come close, but I'm not sure there is anything worth living for at the moment.

But traditions prevail. So, a truth, from that paragon of suck, Gabriel. He wishes to know my feelings towards his sister-twin, AbiGail.

I would fuck her till her eyes popped, then screw the sockets until she stopped breathing. Once she was dead, I'd slowly take her apart and use the bits and pieces to decorate the lounge, and perhaps your room, Gabriel. The exception is, of course, the eyeballs, which would go to my collection.

Ah, pipe-dreams.

E.Hyde, who simmers like a misguided emo-kid
1:27 am
I call dibs, what with having lived here the longest

So, Deus, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that writing a NaNoWriMo novel (or...two?) and posting every day in her personal blog just isn't good enough. No, she has to get us to write, as a group, 50,000 words. Frankly, I'll be impressed if we write more then a few dozen. I also don't see how we're going to get Hyde to participate, as he doesn't have a livejournal. Hell, maybe this will be what it takes to get him to go over the edge.

So yes. This is a community for a bunch of charecters to communicate with each other, instead of say, walking across the hallway into each others rooms and talking in a civilized manner.

At any rate. My name is Gabriel de MOOP!. I am a non-religious guardian angel, called a pseudo angel for short, and have been around in De's head for getting on three years now. Which is, in fact, a scary thing to think about.

Anyways. I like drawing. I have wings, and I like flying. I like fighting with HER when I find HER. I like keeping Deus happy. I like Tea.

Whoever comments first: Truth or Dare?

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