-Gabriel- (pseudoangelgabe) wrote in sorcys_denizens,

I call dibs, what with having lived here the longest


So, Deus, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that writing a NaNoWriMo novel (or...two?) and posting every day in her personal blog just isn't good enough. No, she has to get us to write, as a group, 50,000 words. Frankly, I'll be impressed if we write more then a few dozen. I also don't see how we're going to get Hyde to participate, as he doesn't have a livejournal. Hell, maybe this will be what it takes to get him to go over the edge.

So yes. This is a community for a bunch of charecters to communicate with each other, instead of say, walking across the hallway into each others rooms and talking in a civilized manner.

At any rate. My name is Gabriel de MOOP!. I am a non-religious guardian angel, called a pseudo angel for short, and have been around in De's head for getting on three years now. Which is, in fact, a scary thing to think about.

Anyways. I like drawing. I have wings, and I like flying. I like fighting with HER when I find HER. I like keeping Deus happy. I like Tea.

Whoever comments first: Truth or Dare?

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