Edward Hyde (never_escape_me) wrote in sorcys_denizens,
Edward Hyde


Miss Cyress, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to turn us into a sort of game. She hands us each a laptop, signs us into journals by turn, and tells us to talk, to celebrate, to boost her wordcount.

And so Gabriel launches us into truth or dare.

If my life has been more hellish, I do not recall when. Moments have come close, but I'm not sure there is anything worth living for at the moment.

But traditions prevail. So, a truth, from that paragon of suck, Gabriel. He wishes to know my feelings towards his sister-twin, AbiGail.

I would fuck her till her eyes popped, then screw the sockets until she stopped breathing. Once she was dead, I'd slowly take her apart and use the bits and pieces to decorate the lounge, and perhaps your room, Gabriel. The exception is, of course, the eyeballs, which would go to my collection.

Ah, pipe-dreams.

E.Hyde, who simmers like a misguided emo-kid
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